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In a 6 figure loan transaction, the loan process is a much more difficult process than it was 10 years ago.

A major reason why is because in most transactions, the vast majority of processors do not work on site with the loan agent, but many times are both miles and states away. This can delay the loan process and cause communication problems between underwriting and the loan agent.

At RC Advantage, all of our loans are processed on site where your loan agent works which guarantees a great experience.

In addition to offering very low fixed rates and working with local owners/originators in the lending business with 50 years of experience, you will work with one office, where both the loan agent and processor works together, side by side, assembling the loan together, in turn submitting it to underwriting.

This experience is rare and unique which sets us apart from the industry and we look forward to providing this experience for you.

The RC Advantage team specializes in the following California Mortgage Loans:



NMLS 1665027 CA DRE
Personal NMLS 282851

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